Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cub #46

The Cubs added their 46th player to the roster, and unless there are any more injuries, this should be it.

Catcher Taylor Davis was brought up from Iowa, giving the Cubs their fifth catcher (sixth if you include Kyle Schwarber).  That's a lot of backstops!

Taylor has recently become an internet star because of his stare.

I'm hoping that's not the reason for his being brought to the majors.  But then, why would the Cubs bother to bring up one more catcher?

I felt an obligation to include the stare on his card.

I felt an obligation to show all 46 of the 2017 Cubs.


  1. Have you done this series in previous years? I checked last year for a similar title (Cub #...) but didn't find one. If this is the first time, what was the reason to start it, and would you consider going back to other years?

  2. I did it in some of the early years, but usually after the season was over. I gave up during the rebuild years because there were too many players coming and going. I figured this year was as good as any to get it going again and decided to keep it up during the season because that would be easier, just one or two at a time.

  3. Nice work!

    FYI, when you do your next tile to include Tseng, your horizontal Leonys Martin is vertical here.