Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Gone and Forgotten

The last time the Cubs did not make the post-season was in 2014.  That team was 73-89 and finished in last place.

There were 22 different position players that suited up for the Cubs that year.  Want to guess how many of those 22 are still on the roster?

The answer is....


...just two!  Rizzo was a star already.  Baez made his MLB debut that year and played in 52 games (and struck out 95 times in 213 at bats!).

The other 20 are gone...and mostly forgotten.  Less than half are still in the majors.  Only one plays regularly.  They are gone from the Cubs and with one exception, are gladly forgotten.

Here's the exception...gone and not forgotten!

The other 19... well, you can tell me if you miss any of them.










  1. Us Orioles fans thank you for ol' "Beef" Wellington. He's done half decent here.

  2. Well, Raffy Lopez did help us win a game this year with his brain cramps behind the plate for Toronto. So, he may not be on the team anymore, but he still contibuted!

  3. Starlin has had a solid year for himself. I'm not a Cubs fan, but if I were, I'd miss his bat.

  4. The Red Sox had high hopes for Kalish, and even after the Cubs picked him up I believed he'd at least hang around as a serviceable 4th outfielder type.

  5. Well, I just pulled cards of Bonifacio and Szczur from 2015 Topps in the last couple days....

  6. I miss Szczur... great guy, but with Jay and Almora on the roster he wasn't going to play.