Friday, September 29, 2017

The Hangover Lineup

The Cubs clinched the Central Division title on Wednesday.  On Thursday, their lineup was, shall we say, interesting.

As is typical for a day after clinching game, none of the regulars started.  Instead, it was four catchers and a few other guys.

Here's what Joe went with:

You know that the lineup is not very good when only one of the eight position players has an actual Topps card, not one of my homemade jobs.  That also tells you how Schwarber has fallen off, seeing that he is starting.


  1. But, they got the W! I was happy to see Tseng pitch well and that last play of the game was pretty exciting!

  2. That eerily looks like the post you made a couple days ago about Rizzo and Baez being the only holdovers...

  3. We only watch the over-the-air games, so most of these fellas were new to us. I have to say, they played much better than I expected. I think the bewitching that is Hendricks is back!