Saturday, December 22, 2018

A Couple More Jewish Major Leaguer Cards

The two Cubs cards from the 2014 Jewish Major Leaguers set arrived yesterday. They came from Teamsets4u.  I haven't used him in a while, but when you're looking for oddball team sets, he's a great resource.

It's an interesting assortment of cards.  John Grabow spend 2½ years with the Cubs, working out of the pen.  Ken Holtzman's cap, well,  I'm not sure what makes it card worthy.  Holtzman had a card in the original set.  His hat needed to be updated, apparently.

Let me take care of a couple things from Thursday's post.  

There was a question about how the cards were distributed.  They were sold by the American Jewish Historical Society.   It was a direct-order sale, nothing retail.  

The first set also had gold and silver parallels sets that could be purchased separately.  

Someone asked what the backs looked like, so here...

is the back of a card from the 2003 set.


  1. At what point do you start collecting the Cubs rainbows and auto parallels from the high-end sets? After seeing these posts from SCD and Topps magazines and then the Jewish card sets, you're running out of completely obscure Cubs opportunities!

    1. My rule for team sets used to be that they needed to have at least 10 Cubs. That has gone by the wayside now, so there are lots of these types for me to hunt down!

  2. Cap card? Don't see that very often.