Thursday, December 27, 2018

Cubs Convention Set 1996 - From the '69 Roster

The 1969 Cubs team was still a huge fan-favorite in the 1990s and many from that team annually attended the Cubs Convention.




That's the entire starting infield, plus Fergie and Billy.  That there were seven from the 1969 and just ten from the current 1996 team with cards shows you how much we Cubs fans were living in the past, or just how mediocre the 1996 team was.... or probably both!


  1. When did Fergie wear glasses on the mound?

    1. He wore them occassionally during his second go-around with the Cubs, 1982 and 1983.

  2. You can always look at my Ernie Banks Super Set in the PSA Set Registry; it's possible there are other sets that still need your attention!

  3. That Kessinger photo is pretty impressive for the time and the technology. And given nearly all the shots kept from that era are simple, that's a good one to use.