Monday, December 31, 2018

Cubs Convention Set 1996 - Members of the Broadcast Team

The Cubs broadcasters have a popular following too and most of them were included in the card set.


Harry and Stone were the big stars.  Brickhouse and Lloyd were favorites from the past.

Santo was working the radio booth at the time.  Missing from the set is the radio play-by
-play announcer.  He was someone unfamiliar to Cubs fans, as the 1996 season would be his first in the radio booth.  I'm sure he was introduced at the convention, but he didn't get a card in the set - Cubs fans didn't really know him yet.  They soon would and he would be a huge favorite - Pat Hughes.


  1. This is a really cool idea. Not sure I have seen many other teams do this, but it should definitely happen more often.

  2. The Harry Caray and Ron Santo cards are fantastic! Might need to track down a copy of this set just for the Maddux and these two cards.