Monday, November 25, 2019

1988 Grenada Stamps Cubs

My grandpa was a big-time stamp collector.  I can remember him spending hours in his den working on his collection.  He had a huge and apparently valuable stash of stamps.  The family story is that he sold a few stamps to pay for my parent's wedding reception.

My grandpa also spent his high school years on the north side of Chicago.  He graduated from Lane Tech High School.  The school today is on Addison Street, a few miles west of Wrigley Field.  He was the only other Cub fan beside me in our southside family.  That gave us a special connection.

Today's cards give me a chance to combine my hobby with my grandpa's.

These aren't cards, they are stamps.  They come from the small Caribbean country of Grenada and were part of an 81-stamp set issued in 1988. When the set came out there were two active Cubs and one Hall-of-Famer.  Today it is three Hall-of-Fames.  Kudos to Grenada for the selections!

These went for 30¢ thirty years ago and aren't worth a whole lot more today.  They won't pay for a wedding reception. They won't even pay for a bottle of champagne to toast the bride and groom. But they are stamps, so I'm a little like my Cub fan grandpa.


  1. I've seen these around and might have one or two in my collection. I'd love to stumble across a complete set at a card show in someone's bargain bin at some point.