Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Neck and Neck Battle

It shouldn't be a surprise that of all the decades, the one with the most Cubs cards in my collection would be the 1990s.  After all, that was the decade of the junk wax.  My Cubs card total is 4,743 different cards.

But right now the 1990's are in danger of losing their crown.  The 2010's are breathing down their neck.  In fact, just two cards separate the two decades, with the 2010's coming in at 4,471 cards.  The 2010's is not the decade of junk wax, it is the decade of way too many Topps brands and way too many inserts.

When Bowman's Best comes out in a couple of weeks, it is possible that the 2010's will take over as the top decade.  It could be a short-lived time at the tops, though, as there are still plenty of 1990s cards I haven't picked up yet.  Missing cards from the 2010s are not as plentiful, so if the 1990s regains the title, it may stay there.

I gotta include some cards in the post, so here's a look at the first vertical Topps card from the 1990s and the 2010s.

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  1. I think it also helps that we had a string of playoff runs in the 2010s, whereas 1998 was the only time during the decade of the 90s. Better players mean more cards!