Saturday, November 23, 2019

The 2019 Topps Total Totals

The final wave has hit and now I can recap the set.

Another set of 100 cards, every three weeks, nine times.  It was an interesting concept.  I don't think it really caught on.  The print runs peak at 7,531 in wave two, and then dropped each successive wave.  The final wave ended up with just 3,453 cards.  I wonder if it will come out in 2020?

The Cubs ended up with 30 cards.  900 cards in the set divided by 30 teams gives you 30 cards per team.  I doubt that each team has 30.  I'm guessing that there are more than 30 Yankees.

The concept of the original Total was that it would have cards of just about every player on each team.  The 2003 set has 35 Cubs players.  The 30 in 2019 seems low, not total.

This year's Total should be able to include more recent acquisitions since the cards were produced every three weeks.

So just how total was Total?

  • There are three more Cubs players with Total cards compared to the Topps flagship set.
  • Between the two sets, 35 different players have cards.
  • 22 players have cards in both sets
  • 8 players have cards only in Total, and all eight of them were active with the Cubs at some point in the season.  That is a result of Total's shorter production window
  • 5 players were found only in the flagship.  Two of them never played for the 2019 Cubs and two were traded during the season.


  1. Johnny Field still has me shaking my head.

  2. I remember how excited the collecting world (ie twitter, blogs, message boards) was when Topps announced it was actually bring back Total and then how deflated the response was after Topps told us it would be an online on-demand product for $10 a pack. Groan. I would love to actually see this back as a packed out product in stores (and cheap), but another year of this on-demand seems pointless, but that's never stopped Topps before.

  3. Actually, unless I'm missing something, the Yankees also have exactly 30 players in the set:

    67 Clint Frazier
    68 Mike Tauchman
    81 Aroldis Chapman
    101 Aaron Judge
    131 Gio Urshela
    151 James Paxton
    198 Brett Gardner
    236 Troy Tulowitzki
    292 Luke Voit
    298 Stephen Tarpley
    304 Chad Green
    368 Gary Sanchez
    383 Austin Romine
    418 Tommy Kahnle
    430 Gleyber Torres
    479 DJ LeMahieu
    566 Didi Gregorius
    577 Giancarlo Stanton
    580 Domingo German
    595 Jonathan Loaisiga
    605 Tyler Wade
    628 Zack Britton
    660 Masahiro Tanaka
    711 Adam Ottavino
    736 Chance Adams
    775 Aaron Hicks
    824 CC Sabathia
    850 Cameron Maybin
    871 Mike Ford
    896 JA Happ

    So do the Mets. I'm guessing that every team does, but I haven't researched it beyond that.

  4. There seems to be no end to the gimmicks greedy Topps will come up with.

    Here's a novel idea Topps: How about some quality?