Tuesday, November 19, 2019

60 Seasons of Cubs Schedules

Now that I have a schedule for 2020, I've got at least one schedule for sixty seasons worth.

My collection starts with 1961, which is the year I was born.  The schedules up through 1976 were larger, measuring at 5¼" x 3".  They have been baseball card sized, 2½" x 3½" starting in 1977.

The schedules during the Wrigley ownership time (through 1981) all had an Otis Shepard design or were inspired by his work.  Most of the schedules since then have photos on the front rather than a design. 

You'll have two different options for viewing all sixty schedules. Up first is a tile, coming in at an nice ten rows of six.  Following the tile is a GIF, rotating through all sixty.



  1. Super cool. I try to scoop up any Braves pocket schedules (skeds) I can when they're cheap. No where near as the collection you have. Well done.

  2. Super collection. I might need to track down A's schedules from my birth year to the present.