Friday, November 15, 2019

2019 Topps Holiday Photo Variations

Topps had a little fun with the 2019 Holiday set, creating all sorts of photo variations.  There are three different types, the SP, rare, and super rare.  Not every player has a variation.  Among those with a variation, not all have three types.

Four of the eight Cubs have a variation.  Rizzo and Bryant have all three.  Baez has the SP and super rare while Contreras has just one, an SP.

I picked up one variation for each of the four.  

Javier Baez is riding on a sled on his SP card.

There is garland along the wall on this SP card of Willson Contreras.

Rizzo's card is the rare version, with some candy canes sticking out of his back pocket.

A candy cane has replaced Kris Bryant's bat on this SP card.


  1. As much heat as Topps gets, and sometimes rightfully so, this idea is actually fun and aimed at kids. It's just being absorbed in bulk by adults at WalMart and Target looking for Pete Alonso and the next Acuna "bat down" card. But bravo for these, the sled card of Baez is really clever.

  2. Yeah, these are really cool.
    This is easily my favorite of the holiday sets since they have been doing them. The candy canes in Rizzo's back pocket made me laugh. And Mike's right, that is a pretty clever Baez card.