Saturday, November 9, 2019

2019 Holiday Cubs

I've shied away from parallel sets, but one I've continued to get is the Holiday set.  There are 200 cards on the checklist and eight of those are Cubs.


Very festive looking, aren't they?  My only issue - they came out pretty early.  We're barely into November and Topps is pushing Christmas.


  1. Topps is just like the rest of the retail world. There was Christmas items in our grocery store and hardware store right after Halloween. I didn't check, but I'm assuming our Target/Wal-Mart were doing the same thing.

  2. There's a little bit of me that thinks Topps gets this set out around Halloween because if it hits (re: bat down Acuna), they can control the product placement (or displacement) and have themselves a little hobby buzz in a time that's winding down product from an already oversaturated base design product. Just my two cents. If the Alonso or Vlad Jr, etc. takes off, then there's a new money grab and all of a sudden product isn't at WalMart or Target anymore and now appears on Blowout Buzz and Steel City Cards instead for 2-3x the MSRP.