Thursday, August 5, 2021

Eleven Years of Gypsy Queen

 The 2021 set is the eleventh edition of Gypsy Queen.  Let's take a look at all of the designs.

The 2011 version mimicked the original GQ cards from 1887.  Topps has been on their own since then.

The first seven years have the words "Gypsy Queen."  Since then it has been the GQ logo instead of the words.  

The player's first name has been used just three times.  Most times it is last name followed by the first initial. This year Topps switched it up a bit by using first initial then last name.

The first six designs did not include the player's position.  It's been included each year since 2017.

The team logos first appeared in 2019.

Yellows and browns seem to be the colors of choice.

The designs have always been vertical.

Below is a look at all of the Cubs cards for the entire run of Gypsy Queen.


  1. They knew the Cubs were going to win the World Series in 2016

  2. Honestly, I could do without GQ. I doesn't check any of my collection boxes whatsoever. (FWIW, that doesn't stop me from adding GQ cards to my collection when they are available.)