Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Reviewing the 2021 Cubs Calendar

 This is something I did years ago when the Cubs were in rebuild mode, reviewing the team calendar.  I'm bummed that I can start doing it again.

The print deadline for the calendar is some time in September.  I'd review the calendar towards the end of the season to see now many of the guys were still on the team.  Some years it was just one or two players left.  

I haven't written these posts the past five years as the roster stayed pretty consistent.  Not this year!  So I'm back to looking over the calendar to see who's left.

Surprisingly, just four of the twelve players are gone.  One reason for this is that Anthony Rizzo wasn't included in the 2021 calendar.

Here's the players that are gone....

... Schwarber, Baez, Bryant, and Darvish.

Still with the team (for now!) are...

... Contreras, Rowan Wick (though he is injured and hasn't pitched for the Cubs yet), Kyle Ryan, David Bote, Kyle Hendricks, Ian Happ, Jason Heyward, and Nico Hoerner.


  1. So they picked Rowan Wick and Kyle Ryan but not Rizzo? Weird!