Monday, December 6, 2021

The 1934 Cubs Scorecard

 I recently picked up my oldest Cubs scorecard to date, the 1934 version.

I'm not super-picky with the condition of the older scorecards that I buy.  In fact, I kinda like the ones that are a bit worn or written on.  This one is great.  It tells me the exact date of the game and the fact that it was Bobby's first big league game.  The writing on the side says "ball game at Cubs Park."  Apparently Bobby's parents weren't buying into the new (well, 1926 new) corporate name of the park.... "I'm not calling it Wrigley Field; it's still Cubs Park to me!"

I tried to us Photoshop to clean up the card a bit.  It's whitened up somewhat, but still has that aged look to it.

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  1. I'm envisioning little Bobby wearing a Naming Wrongs t-shirt reading "I Still Call It Cubs Park"! (Along the lines of this: