Monday, January 17, 2022

1981 Sporting News Conlon Collection

 Years ago I collected all of the Cubs cards in the Megacards Conlon Collection set that was released from 1991 - 1995.  Charles Conlon was a New York-based photographer who worked from 1910 through the early 1940s.  The rights to his photos were owned by the Sporting News and Megacards worked with them to produce the set of 1430 cards.

Megacards wasn't the only company that the Sporting News licensed.  In the 1980s they produced some cards by themselves and later partnered with Marketcom and World Wide Sports.  It took me a while but I've finally got all of the Cubs cards from these various sets.  I'll be showing them over the next several days.

The first Sporting News Conlon set came out in 1981.  It was a 100-card set and it was available only though the Sporting News.  It wasn't cheap as the complete set sold for $50 (that's $150 in today's dollars).  The cards were big, measuring in at 4" x 5".

There are just three Cubs cards in this set.


  1. Never seen these 1981 TSN Conlon cards and based on their prices, I probably won't own any. On the other hand, the goal is to one day own all 1,430 cards from the 90's though.

  2. Nice to see some love for the Charles Conlon. I hope you show the 1983s as well the mid 80s as well