Thursday, January 20, 2022

1986 Sporting News Conlon Collection


In the mid-1980s the Smithsonian Institution had an exhibit called "Baseball Immortals."  It featured the photographs of Charles Conlon.  And of course, you can't have an exhibit without having merchandise to sell.  The institute had Wide World Sports produce a set of cards that included some of the Conlon pictures that were in the exhibit.

The set was issued in five series over three years.  The cards were all the standard size of 2½" x 3½".  The front was a full-bleed picture with career stats and a write up of the player on the back.

Set one, made up of 60 cards, came out in 1986.  There is a Babe Ruth logo in the bottom left front of each card.  That logo was only on the series one cards.  

Two Cubs were in the set. Both were also in the 1984 postcard set and in fact, the same pictures were used in both.


In case you forgot, that's Joe McCarthy and Hack Wilson.

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