Tuesday, January 18, 2022

1983 Sporting News Conlon Collection

 The All-Star game celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1983.  The Sporting News and Marketcom collaborated to produce a set that commemorated that first game.  The set consists of 60 cards featuring both major league players along with twelve All-Stars from the Negro Leagues.

The cards were sized even bigger than the 1981 set, coming in at 4½" x 6⅛" .

According to the Standard catalog the set has cards for all the players that were on the 1933 All-Star rosters.  But that is not correct.  There were three Cubs on that first All-Star team, Gabby Hartnett, Lon Warneke, and Woody English.  

Only Warneke has a card in the set.


Included in the set but not All-Stars are Guy Bush and Riggs Stephenson.  You can see why the catalog would have assumed that the players in the set were on the rosters. The upper right corner of the card says "1933 National All Stars."  

It seems very odd for a set to commemorate the All Star game by leaving out players that were in the game and included those who weren't on the team.

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