Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Carousel Complete!

 I've finally knocked off my last two remaining sets of the 1976 MSA disc sets, the Carousel Snack bar set.

I've been looking for the Jerry Morales disc for over a year with no luck.  An Ebay seller had an auction for 110 Carousel discs.  The listing didn't have pictures of all the discs nor did it have a complete listing.  But with 110 of them I figured there was a good chance that Morales was included.  I emailed and asked two questions - did the lot include Morales and would you consider selling it separately.

The answer to both questions was yes.  I paid, the seller shipped, and I have the set wrapped up.

Carousel was one of ten different MSA disc sets from 1976 and I now have nine of the ten set completed. The only one left is the Crane Potato Chip set.  I need the Andy Thornton disc.  That one too, I've never seen.  Thornton has discs with both the Cubs and Expos.  The Montreal disc is fairly easy to get.  The Cubs one, not so much.

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