Monday, April 6, 2009

All Time Opening Day Lineup

IT'S HERE!!! Let the season begin. This is the year!!!!!!

But first, this is the view off of my deck this morning - the first day of spring break and opening day. Michigan weather sucks!!

On to happier things...To celebrate opening day, here is the Cubs all time opening day lineup.. The lineup features a majority of the players from the '60's and later. That seems odd to me, considering the long history of the Cubs. In fact, of the entire lineup, I have seen all but three (Hartnett, Grimm and Pafko) of them play (and I'm not that old).

Pitcher: Fergie Jenkins, 7 Opening Day starts

Catcher: Gabby Hartnett, 12 starts

First Base (since 1900): Charlie Grimm and Mark Grace, 12 starts

Second Base: Ryne Sandberg, 13 starts

Shortstop: Shawon Dunston, 11 starts

Third Base: Ron Santo, 13 starts

Left Field: Billy Williams, 10 starts

Center Field (since 1900): Andy Pafko, 7 starts

Right Field: Sammy Sosa, 12 starts


  1. Nice collection of talent . . . no honorable mention for "Mr Cub" ? The Cubs will (might) shine in two thousand nine.

  2. Yeah, its weird that Ernie didn't make the list, since he split his career between shortstop and first base.