Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fleer 2004

Continuing a look at Fleer Cubs cards from the 2000's

As they did in 2003, Fleer used a variation of one of their own designs as the basis of the 2004 cards. This time they borrowed from the 1990 cards. One thing I really don't like with this set is the back. Fleer must has fired all their copy writers because their is nothing on the back except stats and blank space. Very plain, very boring.

This card of Jeff Pico from 1990 looks very similar to the 2004 Carlos Zambrano.

Here is the very plain looking back of Zambrano's card

These three cards are of players the Cubs acquired during the 2003 season and helped lead them to the Central Division crown.

Center fielder Kenny Lofton took over when Corey Patterson got injured in early July and was out for the rest of the season.

Randall Simon was one of several players the Cubs got from the Pirates. He helped when Hee Seop Choi slumped.

Eric Karros did a nice job at first base, too.

Derrek Lee is shown in a Marlins uniform, and was obtained by the Cubs during the winter of 03-04 to take over at first for Simon, Karros, and Choi.

Matt Clement making the pitch at Wrigley.

Moises Alou takes a hack at a pitch

Sammy Sosa waiting for the pitch.

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