Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Card

I created this card of Sean to send to those of you who were nice enough to send him some cards. I thought it was a fun way to say thanks.

But the card bothered me a little. It looks ok from the front, but the back was blank. I only made a front. Well, I fixed that this weekend.

First, I created a new front, using the 1969 template. Sean was born in 1999, thirty years after these were issued. I had used the same template for some Cubs cards, so I thought, why not use it again.

Here is the front.

But I needed a back too. I knew there was a card in the set that would be a perfect starting point. I went through the pages and found it. A few hours of photoshop later and voila, here is the back:

Bio, cartoon, write-up, and stats, the whole thing. Disclaimer: the stats are my best guess. And keep in mind, in T-Ball, pretty much everyone gets on base every time up. In our league the whole lineup bats once each inning and you play three or four innings.

This is what we will send out in future mailings.


  1. I meant to thank you guys for the card. That was really unexpected and meant a lot. The card back is genius, btw.

  2. That's so cool. I'm so jealous of the people with photoshop skills.

  3. this card is fantastic, great job ! I guess i will have to send Sean more cards.

  4. Could you make mine a "rare" 1/1 auto? GREAT job on the card!!

  5. Man, that is AWESOME! Especially since he was a TRIBER!! Any chance you saved that '69 template?