Thursday, April 30, 2009

Topps Heritage Side by Side: 1960 / 2009

Today I'd like to take a look at the 2009 Heritage cards next to their 1960 counterparts.

The only Heritage cards I have are the Cubs, so my sample size might be a little small. But overall, I think Topps did a great job. They were able to match almost exactly the format of the cards. The photos they used also matched the style from 1960 - posed shots, no action.

Here's a sampling of the 2009 and 1960 cards:

Team Card - the only real difference in that the left side of the original is a darker red-orange instead of the faded orange on the Heritage version. I wonder why they changed the color?

Manager card - I really like the fact that they used the old logo on Lou Piniella's card. They did use a different color combination on the names. Again, I wonder why they didn't use the same combination as on the Grimm card?

Coaches: A very close copy but again, why not go all the way and use a green border on the bottom?

All Star Cards: Nice job here, on both the Ernie Banks card and the Kosuke Fukudome card. I suppose this will be Fukudome's only all star card.

Team Superstar: Ernie Banks and Alfonso Soriano. The fact that Soriano wears high socks makes his card look even better.

A Few Random Pitchers: These two cards, Glen Hobbie and Ted Lilly, look like they came from the same set.

Moe Drabowsky and Rich Harden, a couple more that look really good next to each other.

Doctored Cards: These two cards show the difference in technology. The Del Rice card shows him hatless and in a Braves uniform. The smaller black and white photo has a "C" slapped on his Braves hat. Its pretty obvious he has a Milwaukee uniform on when you see the big belt loop on his left hip. Fast forward to 2009. Joey Gathright was acquired by the Cubs over the winter, so the card is a complete photoshop job. They did a decent job. The only flaw is the number the put on his jersey. They would have had no way of knowing what he would use with the Cubs so they put a 2 on the jersey like he wore with the Royals. However, he is wearing #4 with the Cubs. Oh well.

Overall, Topps did a nice job and I look forward to collecting the Heritage cards in the future,