Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fleer 2007: The End of the Line

A final look at Fleer Cubs cards from the 2000's

This was the swan song for Fleer's baseball cards. Fleer finished up with a more modern looking design. The backs had more than just stats, but depending on the length of the player's career, there was still a lot of blank gray space.

The Cubs set featured 14 players. Three of them were winter free agent signings and they are shown in their previous team's uniform. Otherwise, there wasn't anything special. Fleer went out with a whimper.

Mark DeRosa, in a Rangers uniform

Jason Marquis, a Red Bird

Alfonso Soriano, as a National

And the players in Cubbie Blue

Ryan Dempster

Rich HIll

Jacque Jones

Derrek Lee

Scott Moore, rookie card of a typical Cubs prospect washout

Mark Prior

Aramis Ramirez

Ryan Theriot

Kerry Wood

And two on Carlos Zambrano, as always, in the blue jersey

His regular card, with the pink ribbon. Zambrano pitched on Mothers Day in 2005, tossing a complete game as the Cubs topped the Phillies 2-1. He didn't pitch on Mothers Day in 2006, so I would assume this picture was from 2005.

And this card, the team checklist

And with that, it's goodbye Fleer.

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  1. The 2007 Fleer set was particularly uninspiring. It's too bad too, because I always like Fleer for some reason.