Saturday, April 11, 2009

Topps 1969 Update Set, Cubs

In this post I talked about creating cards for the 40th anniversary of the Cubs 1969 flop. The choices were to make 2009 styled cards or update the original 1969 cards with action shots like today's cards. Thank you to all who left comments. The consensus was to do both. And so I will.

Today, I've got the 1969 cards ready. There are 12 of them, featuring the main players of the team. I've got seven of the eight regulars (no centerfielder -since the Cubs had no decent centerfielder that season; Adolfo Phillips, Don Young, Jim Qualls), two starting pitchers, the closer, the utility infielder, and the manager. I was able to find action shots of most of the players. And most of the pictures are from the 1969 season. It is fairly easy to identify pictures from that year because teams wore the Baseball Centennial patch that season only.

Without further ado, I present the updated 1969 Topps Chicago Cubs:

First baseman, Mr. Cub Ernie Banks, taking a swing at Wrigley. Check his right sleeve for the centennial patch.

Second baseman Glenn Beckert

Shortstop Don Kessinger

Third Baseman Ron Santo

Left Fielder Billy Williams

Right Fielder Jim Hickman

Catcher Randy Hundley

Pitcher Fergie Jenkins

Pitcher Ken Holtzman

Relief Pitcher Phil Regan

Utility man Paul Popovich. This card is my tribute to the airbrushing of the era. The best picture I could find of Popovich was with him in a Dodger uniform, although the shot is at Wrigley Field. So I airbrushed the "LA" off of his hat, just like Topps would have.

And the last card in the set, Manager Leo Durocher.

Three Hall of Fame players (plus Santo, borderline), a Hall of Fame manager, and a lousy second place finish. Damn Mets!


  1. These are awesome. I love the Holtzman, Kessinger and Popovich the best.
    Any chance of extending the set? Maybe Ken Rudolph? Oscar Gamble?

  2. "Any chance of extending the set? Maybe Ken Rudolph? Oscar Gamble?"

    The cards are the players I found action pictures of. I would still like better pictures of Hickman and Regan, too. And if anyone knows where I could find action shots of others like Rudolph, Gamble, Selma, and Hands I would love to add to the set.

  3. Nice set . . . these cards are awesome ! Lets just hope history does not repeat itself.

  4. Great cards.

    Funny, in the actual '69 set, Popovich is listed with the Dodgers, but he's in a Cubs uniform and they airbrushed the Cubs "C" off his hat.