Friday, April 24, 2009

Fleer 2005

Continuing a look at Fleer Cubs cards from the 2000's

The Tradition name is missing from the Fleer 2005 set, but the cards definitely have an old-time look to them. The design is very minimal and very conservative (which is a polite way of saying boring!). Many of the cards included old-fashioned posed shots like you saw on early Topps cards.

Here are several of the posed cards:

Moises Alou, like he is kneeling in the on deck circle

Matt Clement, in the stretch

Greg Maddux, with a weird smile

Corey Patterson, kneeling with his bat

Carlos Zambrano, just standing there

There were some actions shots, too and here are my favorites

Mark Prior, making the pitch

Todd Walker, making contact

Kerry Wood, bringing the heat at Wrigley Field

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