Thursday, April 16, 2009

Road Hat

More from the 1990's Fleer

Something seems wrong with the picture on this card:

Mark Grace is in the home uniform, but wearing the road hat. Any ideas why? Did he just grab the wrong one? Did the Cubs wear the road hat during BP at home (although he is not wearing a BP jersey)?

I never did like the red-brimmed road hat and this year it is gone! The Cubs will wear their classic blue hat at home and on the road this year. The red-brimmed road hat had been around since the 1994 season.That was also the year the Cubs changed the road uniform to the "Cuba" jersey. Thankfully, that ugly top only stuck around for three seasons.

They have been wearing the current road uniform since 1997. While I do like it, it seems a little too bland for me.

I would love to see them go to something like this from the late 1960's, with the red piping and red trim around the letters.

And going back to the '60's bear patch on the sleeve would be OK with me too.


  1. I agree, that jersey depicted on the 68 Topps card is nice!

  2. I agree on the red-brimmed hat. But the worst red-brimmed hats are the ones the Pirates trot out. Yellow and red together! Ugh.

  3. Paul will you send me Seans address so I can send him some cards. I have a package all ready to go.

  4. Never noticed that on the 1996 Fleer Grace card, but that is odd. I have 1995 as being the first year for the red brimmed hats, not 1994. The Hall of Fame concurs in their "Dressed to the Nines" Uniform database.

    I wonder if the hat in my collection is the one he is wearing on the card!

  5. There are a couple cards in the 1994 Fleer update set (Steve Trachel and Anthony Young) that have the red brim.