Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brown Ivy Now, What About Red Ivy

More from Fleer of the 1990's

All four of these cards show the depressing early spring brown ivy.

The home opener was yesterday and it was great to see baseball at Wrigley Field. Ted Lilly was fantastic and the Cubs limited the Rockies to one hit in their 4-0 win. Yet Wrigley yesterday was also a somewhat depressing site, too. I never liked the look of the brown ivy. It looks too much like the winter. The grounds crew always does a fantastic job of getting the field in shape. The grass is a beautiful shade of green, much greener than anyone's yard. But there is nothing they can do about the ivy. It stays brown until mid May. Once it greens up, then Wrigley Field looks like Wrigley Field.

Rumor has it that the ivy turns red in the late fall, just before the leaves fall. Unfortunately, I can't confirm this. I have never seen a late fall game at Wrigley. For that to happen, the Cubs would have to go deep into the playoffs. But, well, you know the history there.

Brown ivy, yuk. Green ivy, beautiful. Red ivy, I hope to see at least once in my lifetime. Maybe this is the year??!!

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  1. I was also thinking that about the ivy. I like the fact that the side is taking more of a slowly-slowly approach. Would rather that they peaked in September-October than April-May. Cardinals can win games now if it means they won't be doing so in September.