Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fleer 2003

Continuing a look at Fleer Cubs cards from the 2000's

In 2003 Fleer decided to copy one of their own designs instead of ripping off Topps. They were celebrating their 40th anniversary and reused the 40-year-old 1963 design. Now it looks like they were behind Topps, who had be reusing 50-year-old designs in their Heritage series since 2001.

My picks from this set include...

Moises Alou, against an ivy background

Matt Clement, pitching in the early Spring with brown ivy

Kerry Wood in action, no scowl on his face

Sammy Sosa, team captain - notice the "C" on his shoulder. A year later he was not acting like a captain on the last day of the season and his time in Chicago would be over.

Carlos Zambrano, in his usual blue softball jersey

Aramis Ramirez, making his first Cubs appearance on a Fleer card

And a couple blasts from the past....

Hall of Famer Sweet Swinging Billy Williams

And Fleer was rude enough to remind Cubs fans of one of their all-time worst trades, Lou Brock

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  1. fleer also used the 1963 design for the 1998 "vintage" set - i still like it