Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Cubs Fact: Have Played in 114 Different Ballparks

If it isn't the major league record, it has to be close. In their 133 year history the Cubs have played regular season games in 114 different ballparks. When they visit Citi Field on September 4, the number goes up by one. (By the way, why don't the Cubs go to New York sooner than the last month of the season?)

Their record in first games at new ballparks is 62-51-1. Last season they added two ballparks to the list, in Tampa and Washington, and they lost both first games. I hope things go better against the Mets.

I dug through all my Topps cards and found the Cubs pictured at several different stadiums:

New York
Polo Grounds - Jim Bolger, 1957

Shea Stadium - Ron Santo 1965

Yankee Stadium - Michael Barrett, 2006

Riverfront Stadium - Mike Morgan, 1994

Great American Ballpark - Aramis Ramirez, 2008

Connie Mack Stadium - Walt Moryn, 1957

Veterans Stadium - Tim Stoddard, 1984

San Francisco
Seals Stadium - Sammy Taylor, 1959

Candlestick Stadium - Ken Rudolph, 1974

AT&T Park - Nomar Garciaparra, 2005


  1. Nice research and great stat ! Your ballpark knowledge simply amazes me ! Go Cubs Go !

  2. Interesting post. The Astros open in Chicago tomorrow. I'd say go Cubs but I'm a 'Stros fan.

  3. Actually, they are opening in Houston, where we know they will play no matter what, because of the roof at Minute Maid. They weather in Chicago is calling for snow, so I'm glad the Cubs are on the road.

  4. Oh my god, Nomar look out! There's a giant psychotic looking animated car sneaking up behind you! Run awayyyyy!