Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011 Update Cubs Inserts

Mr. Mailman brought more inserts from the Update series over the weekend.


....two Cubs made the list, which doubles the number of Cubs from series one and two

Topps 60....

...included two more Cubs (you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the other one). Andre Dawson's card highlights the Cubs single season RBI leaders and Dawson's 1987 season, with 137, ranks tenth on the list.

Andrew Cashner got a second Autograph card. It must be cheaper for Topps to get rookies to sign their stickers than veterans, because they got Cashner to sign a boatload. His "accomplishment".....2010 NL ERA leaders 8/23 through end of season. Talk about a contrived stat! And Casher finished sixth on the list! Why not make up a bogus stat that would at least put him a little higher on the list?

This is Castro's All Star game relic card. The back states, "You have received and All-Star Stiches card of Starlin Castro containing an event-worn piece of his 2011 MLB All-Star Game festivities jersey." Event-worn piece means they had him slip on and then off a bunch of these jeseys to cut up for the cards. I guess we can't call they GU (game used) cards anymore.

There are a few more insert cards. I'm waiting for delivery on a couple, and I'll have three more tomorrow.


  1. Skeptic though I am, I am not entirely convinced that the "event worn" tag is as nefarious in this case as you think. The fact of the matter is that these players have "workout days" prior to the all star game and just sit around in these jerseys, during things like the home run derby.

    Is it possible that they just put on a bunch of jerseys for the purposes of these cards? Yes. But you can make a lot of 1x1 swatches from a full jersey and I wouldn't be totally shocked if the "event worn" actually comes from what they wore at the event.

  2. I hope you're right; I'd like to believe that this was actually worn on the field.

  3. I'm pretty sure its from jerseys they wear on the field. During the HR derby, they're all over the place on the field wearing these jerseys.

    Not as nice as getting a swatch of uniform in an actual game, but a lot better than some of the football card jersey relics when they cut up stuff that some player wore in a "photo shoot." Oh goody.