Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Update Kimball Cubs

The Update series items are arriving daily now! Today, its the two Cubs from the Kimballs Champions insert set. Both are Hall of Famers, both known more for their time in uniforms other than Cubbie blue.

Up first is Andre Dawson. This is his second card in the set. His first, #87, shows him as an Expo.

The other is Rogers Hornsby. And of course, Topps recycled the Hornsby pose that has shown up a few other times...


  1. Geez, do they just have a single picture of Hornsby in existence?
    I like the bottom Hornsby ('82 Topps style), what set is that an insert from, or is it custom?

  2. The bottom Hornsby is an insert from last year; the Vintage Legends set.

  3. Thank you Wrigley - I found it, and I liked that little subset so much I went to sportlots and ordered all 50 cards for about $11. appreciate it!

  4. Sounds like you got a good deal...Sportlots is a great site.