Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You'll Never Guess What the Latest Hornsby Cards Look Like!

Rogers Hornsby has four different insert cards in the 2011 Update series. I've already shown the

Kimball Champion card.

He was also included in the Topps 60 set, noted for being fourth on the Cubs single season total bases list. Now, what do you suppose the card looks like? You don't suppose that Topps would use the same Hornsby picture that they've used on six other cards the past few years, do you?

Of course they did!

Hornsby was the fifth Cubs player included on the manufactured glove leather cards. With the others, I got the base brown glove and the black glove, numbered to 99. I did the same with Hornsby. And the picture they used on the card.....could it be the same one????

You bet!!

So now the tally is up to nine cards with the same picture!


  1. Ha, oh Topps. I pointed this out in a post not too long ago but with Tris Speaker and his 2010 inserts. I know that they may not have a ton of photos of these guys but come on, you gotta have more than one!