Saturday, October 29, 2011

Two More Versions of the Barney Base Card

These are the latest additions to my Darwin Barney player collection.

Up first is the red bordered version from Topps' factory sets. The reds are numbered to 245. If you do the math, 660 cards in the set times 245 = 161,700. So can I assume that there are 161,700 factory sets? Last year the red cards were numbered to 299, for a total of 197,340 sets. That means Topps cut back production in 2011 by 35,640 sets. Any conclusions that we can make about the state of the hobby?

Back to Barney....

Next is the Hope Diamond version, which like the black borders, are numbered to 60. Mine is #29. I like the look of these better than the Cognac cards. The blue looks more "diamondy" than the brown.

These the 9th and 10th variations of the card I've got, and other than any 1/1s (which I won't be getting!) I think I've got them all. Any others I'm missing??

Base card, Black border (45/60), Red Border (045/245), Gold Border (1611/2011), Hope Diamond (29/60), Platinum Diamond, Cognac Diamond, Walmart Black, Target Throwback, and Diamond Anniversary Factory set.

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