Friday, October 28, 2011

Big Daddy Autograph

Here is my newest autograph,

Cubs pitcher Rick Reuschel. The card is from Topps Archives 2001 and has a nice on-card autograph.

This is the original 1973 card that the 2001 is based on. The 2001 card is cropped a little tighter. The guy standing next to the tarp on the '73 is gone on the '2001. The font for the last name is different, too. Its shorter and fatter (which may be appropriate on a Rick Reuschel card!).

As with all of these modern versions of older cards, the question is always, "Why the change?" No one is going to confuse the 2001 card, with a Topps Archives logo on it, for an original 1973 card.

My guess....though Topps saved the negatives for the pictures, the printing plates for these are long gone. So Topps has to recreate the cards like the rest of us do for our custom cards, on Photoshop....and they aren't as good at it as were are!

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