Friday, October 21, 2011

Hall of Fame Cognac

The Update series contained another parallel version, the Cognac Diamond version. And just to make things interesting, Topps included a Cognac version of the 660 cards from series one and two in the Update set. To put together a complete Cubs Cognac set, I would have to snag 33 cards. Figuring that it would take several purchases from several sellers, I decided to pass....

...until I saw a BIN listing for all 33 cards. They were priced right, so I took the plunge. And if you want to see them, come back tomorrow! Because today, I've got the three short-print Cubs.

It's nice that Topps included a Legends Variation Cub in each of the three series. And since I already had the base and Platinum Diamond cards of each, I thought it would be nice to add the cognac version.

So here you go....

And why not line up all three versions side by side

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