Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicago Names #23 As Its Manager

Boy I sure wish that my title referred to the Cubs and

this guy instead of the White Sox

and him.

The Sox caught everyone off guard with yesterday's announcement that Robin Ventura will replace Ozzie Guillen as their skipper.

What struck me the most was just how different the Cubs and Sox organizations are. The Cubs seem to never take a chance, while the Sox throw caution to the wind. Robin Ventura has no experience as a coach or a manager. He's only been a part of the Sox organization since last June, serving as an assistant to Buddy Bell, director of player development. That's quite a leap into the managers spot. It's also quite a gamble by GM Kenny Williams.

The Cubs, on the other hand, had Ryno spend four years riding buses in the minor leagues, gaining managerial experience. And then when the big league job finally opens up, they pass him over. Hopefully the new GM (whoever that will be) will make dumping Mike Quade and hiring Ryne Sandberg one of his first orders of business.

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