Friday, October 14, 2011

Glossy Ginter

I had heard absolutely nothing about Topps releasing a glossy factory version of the Ginter set. But a week ago, while checking out some message boards, there was a thread about the set. I was both surprised and intrigued. This is the first time Topps has ever released a factory set version of any GInter product. So that was a good thing. Plus, there were only going to be 999 of these made. And even cooler, each card was going to be numbered with the set number.

Well, that sounded like a very collectible item, and since I have all of the other Ginter sets, I thought I would pick up the glossy set. I've never bought anything directly from Topps before, so that made me a little nervous. But the set was packed securely and arrived just five days after I ordered it. Yeah Topps!

This is what the top of the box looks like...

....and you can see that my set is #943/999.

The cards are glossy as advertised.

Here is Alfonso Soriano's card.

And here are the regular and glossy cards side by side. It's almost impossible to tell the glossy from regular cards via the scanner. But in hand, its very obvious.

This is the back of Starlin Castro's card. You can see the numbering on the left side; each card of mine is #943/999

The other selling point for the cards besides the limited print run was the addition of ten more cards to the set. Unfortunately for me, there were not Cubs included. But I thought you'd might want a peak at them, so here they are:

I'm pleased with the set and I'm pleased with the service from Topps. Anyone else out there among the 998 other owners of the set?


  1. Yeah. I bought two. One to keep and the other to trade to team collectors. I have just started collecting, check out my blog at

    I have a hard time matching the generosity of the people who have sent me cards. I hope to return some of the favor by sending them their teams set from the glossy release.

    Mine arrive on Saturday! Woohoo!!!

  2. Tim, that's a nice blog you've started. I'll add it to my Blog List. What numbers did you get on you glossy set? I'm wondering if there is any rhyme or reason to the numbers.