Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Update Series Complete Set

Late last week my 2011 Update set arrived. It was a hand-collated set since Topps no longer sells factory sets of the Update series. That was a time saver for me, since usually hand-collated sets arrive in numerical order; factory sets are usually in some random order and have to be sorted. I do count the cards, though, to make sure that nothing is missing. I have from time to time picked up sets that were missing a card or two.

This set was perfect. All 330 were present and in order. I took some time to look over the cards and picked out a handful that caught my eye.

Apparently Topps had only one photographer at the All Star game and he stayed in the same spot all night long.

One of my favorite players, former Cub Derrek Lee made two appearances in the set

Ryan Adams has a very big bat!

Does J.P. Howell get a head rush after every pitch?

Some serious bug-eyes on Ryan Fogelsong

A couple guys with some big mouths.

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