Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purple Barney...And Lots of Other Colors Too, not the dinosaur.

This guy, the Cubs second baseman Darwin Barney. I decided a while back to work on a player collection of Darwin Barney. It's been fairly easy since he hasn't been in too many sets yet. But as the season went on he started showing up in more. So far in 2011 he's been in Heritage, Series Two, Chrome, and recently, Finest and Bowman Chrome.

The Chrome set was the first time he has been in a set with multiple parallels. I decided that I would try to complete a Barney rainbow. This was my first real attempt at a player rainbow, and I thought I would got slow and try to be patient. The problem is that many of the parallels are numbered, and some to only 25 or 50. If I waited too long, the market would dry up and there wouldn't be cards to buy. So I plunged in head first!

Well, the last card of my rainbow arrived last week and now I've got it scanned and ready to show. I'll start with the cards with the highest run, and work my way down to the scarcer cards.

Chrome Base

Refractor, unnumbered

Orange, unnumbered

XFractor, unnumbered

Purple, 499, mine is 186/499

Atomic, 225, mine is 133/225

Blue, 99, mine is 61/99

Sepia, 99, mine is 47/99

Gold, 50, mine is 42/50

Red, 25, mine is 15/25

and I grabbed a Refractor autograph card to boot.

If his career ends up like Ryne Sandberg, then I'm sitting on a gold mine. And if he ends up like Bobby Hill, then I've got some kindling for the fireplace. I'd be happy if it were somewhere in-between.


  1. What, no printing plates? :)
    Very nice rainbow!

  2. After Dempster, my favorite Cub. Nice group.

  3. I may be wrong because rookies may be different, but for base cards there is a black refractor /100 too

  4. I was unsure about the black chrome; the checklist was a bit confusing. I've never seen a black refractor for Barney. There is a black refractor autograph card, though. I think the rookies have all of the extra auto cards, but no black refractor.