Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kimball Compete Part 3

Today's post goes along with yesterday's on the Update series Kimball Cubs; I've got the final 50 cards in the set.

I've really enjoyed the Kimball Champions set. With only 50 cards per series, it was very manageable to get. The checklist has a nice mix of modern and vintage players, too. So will Topps take the success of this and run it into the ground? Has anyone heard any rumblings about the set showing up again next season?

As far as the final 50 cards go, the checklist included several players who were already in the first 100 cards. This time around, they were shown in their "other" uniform: Hank Aaron as a Brave (his first card was with the Brewers...they probably should have switched those around), Andre Dawson as a Cub, Babe Ruth with the Red Sox, Willie McCovey and Ozzie Smith as Padres, Frank Robinson and Tom Seaver as a Reds, Nolan Ryan as a Met, Reggie Jackson and Frank Thomas as A's, Luis Aparicio as an Oriole, Carton Fisk with the White Sox, and Paul Molitor as a Blue Jay.

Two modern players also got a second card, Vladimir Guerrero, updated with the Orioles and Miguel Cabera, shown as a Marlin.

But only one player was deemed worthy to appear in all three series....

....Ty Cobb, shown twice with the Tigers and once with the Athletics.

I'll finish with a look at all 50 cards from the final series

and for the heck of it, here are the first 100 cards

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