Sunday, October 16, 2011

Starlin Castro Next 60

Last year, the rookie autographs in the update set were called "Peek Performance," a slight name tweak from the "Peak Performance" cards in the first two series. This year, the name tweak goes from "Topps 60" to "Next 60." It's a nice play on words....the players on these cards are going to be the next 60 stars of baseball. All that means, of course, that the number of players on the checklist is......20!

Starlin Castro was the Cubs representative among the 20 players. You also may have noticed the color change, from blue on the Topps 60 cards to red on the Next 60. I really like the way the blue autograph pops out on the red card.

If you're looking to chase down a player from your favorite team, here is the entire checklist of the 20 Topps 60

N60A-BB Brandon Belt

N60A-BW Brett Wallace

N60A-LF Logan Forsythe

N60A-JJ Jeremy Jeffress

N60A-AO Alexi Ogando

N60A-FF Freddie Freeman

N60A-KD Kyle Drabek

N60A-DH Daniel Hudson

N60A-JT Jose Tabata

N60A-AJ Austin Jackson

N60A-MS Mike Stanton

N60A-MP Michael Pineda

N60A-ZB Zach Britton

N60A-NF Neftali Feliz

N60A-SC Starlin Castro

N60A-AC Aroldis Chapman

N60A-HC Hank Conger

N60A-JH Jeremy Hellickson

N60A-TN Tsuyoshi Nishioka

N60A-MT Mark Trumbo


  1. 5 for 13 is great for hitting. Not so much for letters in an autograph. Nice looking card though.

  2. Jeffress instead of Hosmer or Moustakas? That's weak sauce, Topps.