Monday, July 30, 2012

Cramer Cubs

No, it's not Kramer Cubs... Cramer Cubs, with a C!

Starting in 1980, and for three more years following, Cramer Sports Promotions issued a set of cards called "Baseball Legends."  The first three releases were 30 cards each, while the final set added 34 more cards, making a total of 124 cards.

I found a Cubs team set of these being offered on ebay and it cost me only $2.50 to get the fourteen Cubs.  Since this was an early Eighties product, you won't see Sandberg, Dawson, Maddux, Grace, or Sosa.  Heck, the only '69 Cub in the set was Ernie Williams, Santo, or Jenkins.  I wonder how many of these fourteen would make the checklist if the set was released today?

Historical Baseball Card Note:  Within a few years, Cramer Sports Promotions became Pacific Trading Cards. They would again release a set called "Baseball Legends" for three more years starting in 1988.  These sets were much bigger and featured colored cards instead of the sepia tones of this set.

Here are the cards...we get a bunch of Hall of Famers and.....The Rifleman??




  1. I've still got half an unopened box of these. The last 4 cards of the set are on the bottom of the card box!