Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tile Tuesday: Ron Santo

Inducted into the Hall of Fame on Sunday, and featured in Tile Tuesday today...Ron Santo is on a roll!

I don't have a player collection of Ron Santo, so everything here would be from the team sets  I've got.  There are 74 cards (actually 69 cards, three coins, one poster and one decal) shown. The Topps cards are first, followed by the other brands in alphabetical order.


  1. Bravo! You even have a few I don't. Just means I still have something left to hunt for. That's a good thing. And maybe next year Topps will put out some news ones. How about a few that aren't low serial numbered sticker autos or relics.

  2. Very nice; I can't wait to see a few of your other Cubs' players honored this way. Santo was a great start!!