Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hector Torres: Unhappy in Another Uniform

Utility infielder Hector Torres spent one season with the Cubs, 1971.  He was acquired in a trade with the Astros in October, 1970.  Though on the roster the entire 1971 season, he played in only 31 games and hit .224.  That one season stint got him three different cards that showed his as a Cub.

The first two are Topps 1971 and 1972.  On the bottom is his card from 1971 Dell.  Not a single one of the three show him in a Cubs uniform.  It's understandable that the two 1971 cards are the way they are, but Topps should have been able to get him in a Cubs uniform in the '72 set.

None of the three show Hector as a happy guy either.  I wonder why he didn't smile?

Since Topps didn't get him in a Cubs uniform, I will.  I found a couple pictures of him in a Cubbie blue and put them into the '72 template.

This first one confirms the fact that Hector does actually know how to smile!

The other picture I found was a posed hitting shot you saw a lot of back then.

Based on the brown ivy, I bet the two pictures were taken the same day.  The one thing that bothers me with the second picture is the other player in the background.  He's kinda distracting, and it would have been better for him to go.

Consider him a goner!

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  1. Never saw Joe Pep in an Astro uni before....that Roberto Rodriquez that in crayon?