Sunday, July 15, 2012

One Down, Two To Go!

For over a year I've needed three cards from the Cubs team-issued 2002 set. None of the missing has turned up on Ebay or any of my other online sources. What I find odd is that when the cards were given out at Wrigley Field, there were 20,000 available for fans 21 and older. If 20,000 were passed out at the ballpark, shouldn't there be a few of these for sale somewhere?

Well, the baseball blogging community came through for me. I had mentioned my missing cards on a Tile Tuesday post of all the team issued Cubs. Jim from The Phillies Room left a comment that he was at the game when one of my missing three, Lee Smith, was given away. Even better, he said I could have it!

How cool is that! What a small little world we live in! I immediately took Jim up on his kind offer. I also found a bunch of Phillies cards from his want list and sent them his way. And on Thursday, the mailman brought me...


....Lee Arthur Smith. The card is a reprint of the Topps '84 card with the Wrigley Field logo added to the bottom right. The back is also numbered, this is #12658/20,000.

Thanks to Jim, I'm down to needing two more of these 2002 cards. So, who out there was at Wrigley Field on May 7, 2002 (Don Cardwell 1961 Topps card), or July 25, 2002 (Dave Kingman 1979 Topps card), and would like to give me their cards??


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