Friday, July 6, 2012

Tier One Number Two

I've cherry-picked my second Tier One card...

....Cubs rookie first baseman Anthony Rizzo. The picture is photoshopped but I like the oncard autograph.

The kid came with a lot of hype and so far, he's lived up to it. At this point you can't argue with the numbers from his first nine games

.314 batting average
3 home runs
6 RBIs.

The best stat is the Cubs record since he was called up from Iowa...six wins and three losses. Obviously he only plays one position isn't the sole reason for the Cubs improvement, but he is a factor, a big factor. He's solidified the lineup as the #3 hitter and helps the defense at first base.

The Cubs have had plenty of hyped rookies get off to a good start and then fade (Geovany Soto, I'm looking at you and your .167 average!) away. Time will tell if Rizzo is another one of them or the real deal.

There's one more Tier One card that I'm chasing and I hope to have that within the next week.



  1. Great pick-up, I think he really has the potential to be a star. He was a fast-rising prospect in the Red Sox organization before being dealt to San Diego in the Adrian Gonzalez trade. Great personal story too as he overcame serious illness to get where he is today. One of those players that is easy to root for.

  2. I've been impressed so far. Four more hits including a homer off of Santana last night.