Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tier One Number Three

I picked up my third and final card from 2012 Tier One...

....a sweet card of Sweet Swinging Billy.  I'm really liking the on card autographs.  It's great to see the stickers have gone away.  Plus, I've got 197 cards of Billy and the picture on this one isn't on any of the others.  How refreshing!

It's also nice to have Billy included in a Topps product.  Since 2006, Topps has had only one original card of Billy, in 2010 Topps Tribute.  I hope they'll put out more with him and give Ernie, Ryne, and Andre a break.

That should do it for me with Tier One.  There are cards of Dawson, Banks, and Sandberg out there, but unless prices come down, I'm not interested.  A plain base card I'd chase, but since I've already got autographs of those guys, I don't need another.

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  1. That's a good looking card. I agree about the on-card auto of this Tier One and I find myself being a big fan of the entire Tier One line this year. I got a few random low-end relics but also ended up getting getting the On The Rise autos of Barney and Travis Wood, two Castro relics, the Sandberg bat relic (/50), and my favorite, the Dawson on-card auto (/75). Would have liked to have gotten one of the Rizzo's but I waited until after his call-up and they were going to high.

    My favorite cards in the line ware the Ernie and Ryno clear rookie reprint autos. Those are some of my favorite cards ever made. But I can't drop two bills+ on one right now. But overall, I feel like this year's Tier One was a home run all the way around.