Saturday, July 27, 2019

2019 Allen & Ginter Full Sized Relics Cubs

Topps went a little crazy with the number of full-sized relic cards in 2019 Allen & Ginter.  There are 110 different cards on the two lists.  I haven't figured out why the cards are put into an A group and a B group,  other than Topps wanted to have two designs instead of one.


These are the four Cubs from the A group.  We've got one home jersey, two road grays, and one alternate.




The B group has six Cubs and five of the six feature the home whites.

There is an oddity among the Cubs relics:  Two Cubs with relics (Almora and Heyward) did not have a card in the base set.  My question for Topps is - If a player is good enough for a relic, why isn't he good enough for a base card?

Another oddity: The background behind the player is the colored cloud that Topps used with the base cards for many years.  Why did they not use old-time stadium backgrounds?

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