Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Ginter Fake Backgrounds

I need to correct a mistake from an earlier post.  When showing the Cubs Ginter cards I mentioned that some of the backgrounds were photoshopped into the pictures while others were original to the photograph.

Once I got my complete set I was able to look over all of the player cards.  In doing so I notice that it isn't some of the backgrounds that got photoshopped, but all of them were.

In fact, Topps used 20 different backgrounds.  They can be divided into two groups:

Ballpark Background

This is the more popular of the two, with thirteen backgrounds from the inside of a couple old-time ballparks




Park Background

Seven different backgrounds were used in a park-like setting. 



Grab any card from the set and you'll find one of these 21 different backgrounds.

The cards of the non-baseball players also have photoshopped backgrounds.  Some use these 20 but most use different ones.  I'll try to get to them some time.

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  1. Nice detective work. Never would have guessed that there's a specific set of backgrounds.